What is the Corona Virus? What’s the Symptoms and Remedies?

Worldwide worried about a new virus, The name is Corona Virus.

The World Health Organization has warned against the virus. The Chinese government has issued red alerts across China. Airports in many countries around the world have taken careful measures.

What is the Corona Virus?

Coronavirus is an infectious virus, Which has never spread to humans. Another name for the virus – 2019-NCOV
There are many species of coronavirus, But 7 of these viruses can be infected in the human body.

Scientists say that the virus changes the structure of cells in human cells and the virus. The number of viruses is increasing fast. Coronavirus is becoming more dangerous for him.

How dangerous the coronavirus?

How dangerous coronavirus is a question. So far more than 1,000 people have died after being infected with the virus. More people could die for the coronavirus. How dangerous the virus is still unclear.

What are the symptoms of the corona virus?

Fever, cough, and shortness of breath are the main symptoms of the corona virus. The coronavirus causes infections in the human lungs and the respiratory system spreads from one body to another. The virus causes flu or colds. Infected person spreads infection through coughs to other people. When Corona is infected with the virus, symptoms take 4-5 days to appear.

• The first symptom is fever.
• Then dry cough will appear.
• Within a week, Breathing occurs.
If any of these symptoms occur, must enter the hospital.

What is the treatment of the Corona virus?

The coronavirus is new, so no vaccine or drug has been discovered yet. There is still no treatment that can cure the disease.
So what is the way to protect against this virus?
The way to get rid of it is, You need to stay away from the person affected. Always use masks. How safe is the mask to get rid of the virus?. Wash your hands at least 5 times daily. Do not touch the face and the nose with your hands. Always wash hands and face.

An international emergency alert was issued earlier. An emergency alert was issued for the Ebola and flu virus. This time, the alert has been issued for the Coronavirus. Red Alerts are issued around the world.

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